Thursday, February 17, 2011


I guess I've always known I wasn't the most patient person around. I wouldn't describe myself as impatient, necessarily, but for certain things, I find it hard to wait.

I am just so happy to be pregnant, and so happy that things are going so well. It makes me excited to plan, and dream, and imagine our lives with two new family members. Ian and I are both so gung-ho about everything planning-wise so far. Because of our dear friend Wendy, we now have a TON of clothes for the girls (also, my mom went a little shopping crazy as well, and I may have purchased a few crazy adorable vintage items). We also got a breast pump from her, a jumper, a baby bouncer seat, and many more things. We purchased a double stroller for the first few months (it's a snap and go frame, and you just snap their car seats on to it) used at an AWESOME price- $75.00; which included the frame and two car seats! So, we have a good start baby gear and clothes.

We also reorganized our room to make more room on one side, so that we can fit the crib (we're going to put them in the same crib for a few months), and a chair. When we get that all set up, we'll post pics. :) It'll be our little interim nursery, until we move into a larger apartment.

I guess what I'm saying, is that we both seem to need this planning right now, because we're too EXCITED not to! Don't get me wrong; I'm not wishing away the time. I want this time when it's still just Ian and I, dreaming about our girls. Because in about 4 1/2 months, things are going to get a lot crazier!

Also, I find myself being anxious for new milestones. Like- I REALLY want to feel them move! I know it will be soon, but I'm so excited for that connection.

I think the fact that we tried to get pregnant for so long, and then had a loss, is really compounding the excitement. We've just been waiting for these two babies for SO long. We're going to love them so much when they're here; they won't know what hit them.

But, we have no choice but to be patient. It's hard, but it's not. We both know this time will go quickly, and it excites and scares us a little.

For now, I'll just keep planning and daydreaming; knowing that the time WILL fly, and they'll be here before we know it- changing our lives forever.


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  1. so exciting! i can't believe you're halfway there! believe me, the second half goes SOOOO fast you'll hardly even believe it.

    i also bet you'll feel them move any day now. when i first started feeling movement it was so so so so subtle i was like, "is that? no ... wait ... is that?" and then it changes so much it's hard to differentiate what's movement and what's not ... but i bet it's *right* around the corner! i've heard it described so many ways: "butterflies," "bubbles popping," "flutters" - the best way i can describe it is "popcorn popping." :) ... i kinda miss that - now that she's full on rolling around and punching me. and pushing her feet up on my lungs so i can't breathe. i can't imagine what two will feel like!