Thursday, December 30, 2010

showing and snoogles

So, you read all of this stuff in twin books or in pregnancy books saying “Oh, if you have twins, you’re going to start showing really early! It will be crazy how early you’ll show! Like, you’ll start showing SO early that everyone will KNOW you are having twins just by looking at you!”

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m not showing yet. I have a feeling this is pretty much due to the fact that I was already carrying extra weight when I got pregnant, so, I can’t see if I’m getting any belly yet. It’s kind of a bummer, because I’m really getting ready to start looking more pregnant; though I know I shouldn’t be in a hurry, since I’m having twins and will most likely be ginormous by the end. But, I guess I just was hoping with the whole twin thing that I’d be popping out by now. I know, patience, patience. I’ll show eventually of course, and will probably be longing for the day when I wasn’t huge.

However, SOMEthing is happening in the belly region, b/c I’m already having trouble finding a comfy position to sleep in. I am a stomach sleeper, and try as I might to fall asleep on my left side (best, healthiest way to sleep for babies; good blood flow or something) I always wake up on my stomach. Which is my comfiest way to sleep. However, lately it is starting to make my back hurt a bit, which is making me think maybe my tummy is getting in the way even though it’s not really popping out that I can see. I bought a pregnancy sleep pillow and so far, I can’t really fall asleep using it.
This is the one I got. The lady in the picture looks SO happy to have her snoogle!
The name makes me laugh. I can lay in it and watch TV, but falling asleep is harder. I actually did fall asleep last night, but woke up on my back, which I never do. Also, starting in the 2nd trimester, you’re not supposed to sleep on your back, so I can’t keep doing that. It’s pretty much just supposed to be side sleeping. Anyway, I will keep working on ways to be comfy while I sleep, which I know will only get more challenging the more my little ones grow.

Speaking of growing, this week they are the size of large plums. So I’ve got two of these growing in mah belly. Crazy!
I love my little plums! Can't wait to see which fruit they are next week! :)


*photo found here


  1. i got a pillow really similar to that, but the boppy version: ... i can not live without it. in fact, last night i had to wrestle it away from my husband, as he's grown accustomed to it to. (i think i might get him his own) ... i read something somewhere not to worry if you end up on your back during the night - or even on your tummy. that your body would wake you up if there was restricted blood flow on its own ... sorry about the sleeping thing. :( ... it is a challenge! (getting worse for me lately - last night the only productive sleep was between 4:30 - 7:30) ... but i also read someplace that it's your body's way of preparing you for sleepless nights! hooray!

  2. i have a snoogle (it was big and brown and looked like a large turd laying in our bed, no joke.) it's at my parents in CA right now so i'm missing it, but i LOVED it when i was pg with elliot. it took some getting used to, but i was seriously addicted to it after a while.