Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh, and one more little thing….

So, I must confess a little something to all of you. I have not been entirely truthful with you about one tiny detail with this pregnancy. You see, with what happened last time, we even debated telling ANYone about anything with this pregnancy, because it was so painful to lose the last one. But then we realized that we loved the support we had from family and friends, and also, the interwebs. So, we told you!

If you’ll remember correctly, my first ultrasound was “
inconclusive”. This was scary, even though I read everywhere that since we had one so early (at like 5 weeks) it was most likely too early to see much of anything. So, I felt a LITTLE better, but you know, still worried. Then I wrote this post updating you and letting you know the doctor hadn’t expected to see a fetal pole, so the inconclusiveness was expected.

But there was more to that conversation on November 15th, that I left out. It went a little something like this:

ME- Hello?

NURSE- Hi, Mariah, this is so-and-so from Dr. David’s office. I’m calling to talk to you about your ultrasound Friday.

ME- Oh ok. (feeling all gloom-and-doom, because WOE is me! There was no fetal pole. This is probably a call with horrible news.)

NURSE- So, were you surprised?

ME- UM… I don’t know if surprised is the right word. More like worried, concerned, scared…

NURSE- Well, we told you this was a possibility! (Still thinking she was talking about the inconclusive no fetal pole stuff…)

ME- Um, no you didn’t. I never knew that it was a possibility.

NURSE- I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing….

ME- ……..

NURSE- The ultrasound tech saw two sacs. You’re having twins!

ME- ……..

………. WHAT?

NURSE- yep! It’s still very early, so don’t get too excited, but she saw two sacs! You’ll have to get another ultrasound in one week to confirm it.

**End scene.**

So… yep! Twins! We had another ultrasound the day before thanksgiving, and there they both were! Measuring normal and TWO heartbeats! We are excited, but we must admit that we go back and forth between- “YAY! Two babies!” and “HOLY CRAP! Two babies!”

So, sorry for the delay in telling everyone, but we just weren’t ready yet. But, we’re getting very excited! I just had an ultrasound on Tuesday, and they’re measuring at 9 weeks 2 days and 9 weeks 4 days. Their heartbeats were 171 each, and I saw little arms!! They still kinda look like gummy bears, but they are getting pretty big (I mean, relative to when they were as big as a poppyseed). They are now each the size of prunes, and about 1-1.5 inches long. :) Grow, babies, grow!

And, that’s our news, y’all! There are TWO baby Frasers on the way! Craziness!!



  1. OMG! how exciting!!!!! so happy for you guys! yowza!!! very good news.

    i can attest (as a twin myself) that being a twin is an amazing, fun, wonderful life. i haved loved having a "partner in crime" throughout life.

    i also have a very good friend with 2-year-old twin sons ... they're having such a fun time with it.

    woo hoo! can't wait to hear (read) all about the adventures that await you!

    sending you (two) good sticky bean vibes!

  2. Well...that was unexpected. Congratulations, Mrs. Fraser!

  3. So amazing! Double congratulations!

  4. Oops! That last comment was from me.

  5. oh my goodness! That is great, and scary of course but you two can handle two. That is such exciting news. Congratulations to both of you.
    Kristina it made me post Anonymous for some reason.

  6. Crying. YAY! HOORAY! I am so happy for you... Tell me your due date again? I want to come to New York anyway - maybe I can visit at around 32 weeks and shoot some maternity portraits... ;-)

  7. Kate- I forgot you were a twin! I'll have to get advice from you down the line.

    Sara and Tyler- thanks! I'm SO excited. And freaked out, but mostly excited.

    Doe- Oh, it'd be so fun if you came to NY! :) My due date is July 18th, but my doctor said we would deliver me no later than 38 weeks, so that'd be around July 5th. I'm hoping they stay in that long, since twins like to arrive early! :)

  8. HOLY MOLY MARIAH!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! i am SO freaking excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahooooooooooooo! please give Ian my love and a big congratulatory hug!