Monday, December 6, 2010

happy holida..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hoo boy. I’m tired. More tired than I’ve ever been like, EVER. I just want to be sleeping always. Always in jammies and always cozied up under my down comforter. This, however, is sadly not a possibility. So, today I sit here, day dreaming of my bed and how I’ll get to be in it in about 11 hours. Harumph. That’s not soon enough.

Everyone talks about the fatigue of pregnancy, and intellectually, I knew it was coming. But this is the most tired I’ve ever been, so I don’t think I was quite expecting this. Yesterday we attempted Christmas shopping and it was REALLY hard. Well, first off, Christmas shopping is always stressful. But yesterday, it was just physically hard to focus or care very much. Gotta snap out of that though; since we’re mailing most of our gifts home, we have to be done shopping by this weekend at the latest! So, I will soldier on, and continue to dream about my fluffy, cozy bed.

My mom is visiting me starting next weekend! She’ll be here on the 11th, and I’m quite excited. :) She’s going to come to an ultrasound with me, so that will be fun! Since I don’t get to visit her on Christmas, I’m pretty darn happy I get to see her beforehand. It’s her birthday on the 10th too, so I’m happy I get to sort of spend her birthday with her. :)

Today in New York we’re getting the tiniest little snowflakes. Nothing is sticking as it’s really hardly snowing, but it sure is beginning to feel a lot like winter!

Have a lovely day.



  1. So glad you're moving along so far w/o any complications!

    I just had my 2nd IUI on Sunday-- my ultrasound showed TWO mature egg follicles, so I have a slightly higher chance of conceiving. I'm also getting 3 blood tests done this week (ouch!) to check my progesterone levels and see if they're high enough or whatever.

    I remember my sister sleeping about 14 hrs a day when she could get away with it during her first trimester, and being so tired she wanted to collapse most days. And then that second trimester hit, almost to the day, and she was a revived human being. So fascinating.

    Anyway-- sending you good prayers for a blessed outcome with this pregnancy. Here's to babies in 2011 for both of us, even though i don' t know you (but I know your dear friend Mrs. Messegee!)

  2. oh pregnant mama, i have one word for you re: the Xmas Shopping: Amazon.

    totally worth it. and i pay for Amazon Prime ($70-something a year) because it gives you free shipping and i make it up on holiday gift shipping alone.

    plus, i get to pregnant-xmas-shop from my couch in my pjs. and no trip to the post office. yesssssssssss.

    love to you and your olive. :)