Tuesday, July 12, 2011


For the most part, since the girls have come home, we've stayed at home with them. It's pretty much necessary, because 1) they're really little and young! and fragile! and 2) it's really hot out in NYC right now; not the best time for traveling with two newborns. and 3) We don't have a car, so it's either the subway or a car service, and both have their pros and cons.

So far the only places we have gone have been doctor appointments of some kind, and then once, down the street to the corner deli. The first outing was to the pediatrician the day after they arrived home- just to check to see if they were gaining weight properly. The next outing was the pediatrician again- a follow up.

The trip to the deli was mostly to get a little walk in, since I was feeling the need to get out of the house, and also an excuse to use our ergo carriers. Here's us returning home:

Then, last week my mother-in-law and I took them to my OBGYN appointment. It wasn't necessary; she could have just stayed at home with them while I went to my appointment- but we decided it'd be fun if we all took a little trip. For this outing, we decided to take a car service since it was on the east side and we would have had to transfer trains if we took the subway. Not ready for that! My appointment ran a little late, so I had to breastfeed Amelie in the exam room before we headed out, because she started crying. But after that, we walked 2 blocks to a nearby Starbucks and fed them both a bottle while we had a little coffee. Amelie was WIDE awake the whole time, taking it all in:

while Poppy just napped the whole time:

Then today we had to go to Children's hospital at Columbia Presbyterian for an ultrasound of Amelie's hip. She was delivered breech, so it's standard procedure for them to do an ultrasound to make sure their hips are ok. She was just fine. :) Today we took the subway, which was an undertaking, but it worked! We had to make sure the stop we got off at had an elevator for our stroller, which it did. It was REALLY hot today, but the girls were fine- they wore the new sundresses that their Aunt Jody gave them; so they were nice and cool:

And here's them in their cool ride on the subway:

So there you go! We've already had many adventures- and all before they're four weeks old! I can't wait for more little trips ahead; and maybe a few that don't involve the doctor's office. :)


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